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Re: [IP] DME Coverage for Tape?

My former insurance company wouldn't cover IV Prep because they didn't 
understand what it is. They thought it was just an alcohol rub to sterilize 
the skin and figured I could go and pay $1.50 for a box at Wallgreen's 
instead of paying $12 for a box from minimed..

I tried to explain that it is a sticky substance that keeps the set stuck 
but they were too lame to understand. sigh...
Anyway, maybe your insurance carrier doesn't understand how necessary it is 
for pumpers.

Do you use online insulin.com? I've heard it is good as far as price if you 
have to purchase your own insulin.

At 12:10 AM 8/9/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>MM just informed me that their contract with my insurance (United Healthcare
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