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[IP] DME Coverage for Tape?

MM just informed me that their contract with my insurance (United Healthcare
through Dell computers) no longer covers tape or IV prep, only my sets and
resevoirs.. well I'm a bit confused by this as my insurance supposedly
doesn't have a "cap" on D related DME supplies.. so shouldn't tape and the
IV prep be covered?

For the record, the tape on all the quicksets and sils doesn't normally stay
"stuck" to me unless I use the IV3000 tape underneath (it's not a problem
with the adhesive, THAT sticks fine, it seems to "seperate" from the
backing, so using something like mastisol probably wouldn't solve this.  I
do not want to pay $50 for a box of this stuff out of pocket when I'm
already paying a lot for my insulin (Novolog) since it's not a "formulary"
drug - $40 a month at the pharmacy or $80 for 3 months mail order.  I also
take two other meds on a regular basis (Zyrtec, Flovent) along with paying
for "non-formulary" test strips (all they cover is AccuCheck products, and
you'd have to pry my one touch ultra out of my cold dead hands) so it adds
up, I'm already paying well over $100 for Rx's a month.. I don't want to pay
more, IMO, that's what we pay for insurance :(

Anyways, any options for getting the tape paid for?  I keep forgetting to
call MM during their normal business hours to inquire about this, so I'm
hoping maybe someone has dealt with a same thing, and can offer some advice.
The tape is really essential to me, without the IV3000 my sites become
unpeeled within two days.  Maybe a letter of medical necessity?  Getting it
from another source? Anything?

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