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[IP] Re: Licorice/D-related herbs

>[IP] Licorice

><<<Is there Licorice available that is sugar free?  If it were Kosher as 
>well that would be great.>>>
>The Licorice being discussed was the herbal kind that you buy in the health 
>food store, not the candy >you buy in the grocery store.  I'm wondering how 
>much actual Licorice that candy type contains.

I don't know too much about Kosher and what defines something as Kosher or 
not.  Candy from the store doesn't contain any licorice at all.  It contains 
anise (like someone else mentioned) which is a completely different plant.

The Licorice I was referring to is Licorice Root.  It can be purchased at 
health food stores or from herbal/metaphysical shops.

NOTE:  I am not a medical professional. I study the use of different plants 
in dealing with aspects of different diseases.  Please do not take anything 
I have said as fact.  Check with your doctor or health team before trying an 
herbal remedy, and double check everything for yourself.

(There are a number of other herbs that are allegedly helpful in lowering 
blood sugars and helping with other D-related issues.  For example:  
Bilberry - slows retinopathy; Cayenne - neuropathy (and other types of) 
pain; fenugreek - blood sugar.)

Weird Jenn
email @ redacted

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