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Re: [IP] hi there letter about FDA H-tron and D-tron

At 8:23 PM -0400 8/8/03, len lutz wrote:
>(i know..... i know how much you love your 
>What-ever-number-this-weeks-model-is, and how it never breaks, and 
>how you dont need a backup, and how they will send you a new one THE 
>next day, is a Day Too Late, and 24 Hours to Long, for Me to wait.) 
>(ME.... just ME)
>(Your Thoughts Can And May Differ)

Yep, I love my IR-1000, but I am also very thankful to Disetronic and 
will NEVER give up the H-trons I have as a backup to my Animas.   I 
will give one of them to my niece, who would never give up her 
H-trons either.  We talked about that letter this week.   We both 
threw away our copies of it.   You want any of my pumps?   Come pry 
them out of my cold dead hands!!!        :>o

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