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[IP] Lantus problems...

I had problems with Lantus going bad in less than two weeks in the months
prior to starting pumping.  It would develop "clumps" and the vial would
look like a mini snow globe.  I had NUMEROUS vials replaced due to this and
I think it ended up being blamed a bad "batch" even though I had gotten
vials from both my Endo's office and the pharmacy.  However, I continued to
have problems even after I was told they would be "fine".  I never reused
syringes (I was on a pen w/ Humalog, so not even a chance there) and I even
changed brands to try to "fix" the problem.. nothing changed.  I also had
other problems with fastings in the 150ish range with SEVERE lows in the
afternoon even with NO humalog coverage for lunch (30's and lower).  Turns
out I need a high basal at night and a very low one in the afternoon, so
Lantus' "smooth" action did NOT work so well for me.  NPH actually worked
MUCH better for me as the "peak" at night was just about what I needed for
basal coverage and as long as I timed my morning shot right it covered lunch
and tapered off just as I needed "less" basal in the afternoon.  Of course
as with almost anything D-related, YMMV.

My problems with Lantus and my CDE's insistance that I shoudn't be on NPH
when there were "better" options out there now is actually what led me to
pumping.  I do of course enjoy other aspects of pumping, but the main thing
for me was the need for variable basal rates.  I have mine set all the way
from .3 to 1.1 in 7 basal rates.

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