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Re: [IP] Insulin reaction to plastic

 From Margo's post, I did not see anything in it that said that insulin 
would leach out anything from the plastic! It said bad insulin would 
crystalize and clog the tubing,  etc.
A thought!!!   if you used a set for 6 days instead of 3, you would buy  
half as many sets :)
Same as reuseing syringes, lancets etc.    I haven't been on  Lantus and 
Novolog for long , but the old NPH, & Regular insulin  would last 
forever and  I cannot remember trashing a vial of insulin that wasn't 
empty!!!!!!!  I do remember taking trips and dropping a vial in my 
pocket and a 'glass syringe & needle ' in my shirt pocket  and use them 
for 2-3 weeks at a time. (No Refrig)  Of course that was back in the 
late 1940's and early 50's.  .   As best as I remember I never had a 
infected site!

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> I don't know much about it but it makes a lot of sense because
> most plastic is toxic in one way or another.  I believe pork or beef  
> insulin used to be used in stuff like laundry markers and dying 
> because it binds to things. maybe it will also bind to plastic? or 
> plastic will bind to it and make it someone toxic? Any chemists out 
> there?
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