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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #448


Thanks for the input, I agree with and respect your opinion.

I have had no problem as far as I can tell reusing the tubing or the 
cartridges, but since I like most others have my ups and down with the BSs, 
I was curious on how much validity her statement had.  Oh by the way, she 
never mentioned anything about the insulin crystalizing and causing clogs, 
just the reaction to the plastic.


>   My basic reaction to this type of comment from reps and others is that 
>it is their job to let consumers know what it is they, themselves, have 
>  taught by their respective companies, and, 2) of course they want you to 
>everything as often as possible because that way you have more to buy which
>keeps them in business.
>Now I know that some will start to bash me because of this comment but 
>this is my own personal OPINION and opinions are never considered
>wrong...just different from your own!!!
>mom to Joshua- who keeps the same tubing for about 10 days depending on his
>  insulin consumption that week. Never have a problem (3.5 yr IPer). Site 
>in 5-7 days and sometimes are dealing with hypOs on the last day!!!!!


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