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RE: [IP] Insulin reaction to plastic

>Regarding the insulin and plastic issue, I read something on-line that said
>that the insulin molecules attach themselves to PVC plastic.  Minimed, several
>years ago, addressed this issue by creating tubing that uses PVC as the outer
>layer and polyfin as the inner layer.  Polyfin is too brittle to serve as the
>tubing itself.

This is fairly accurate, except the inner layer is Polyolefin. 
Polyfin is the Minimed name for the two-layer tubing used in ALL 
infusion sets nowadays.  And as far as changing sets, the 
recommendation is for a change every three days with a teflon cannula 
and every 2 days with a metal needle.  This does NOT mean you can't 
change it any sooner OR later.   YMMV

George        ;>)
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