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[IP] Getting a UltraSmart - Yippie!

heh.. after over a half days worth on the phone, of Express-Scripts
messing up my pump supply order. The lab mixing mine and
my daughters blood work up. Having to get new blood redrawn.
I called my insurance co. after about 20 different DME providers
I finally found one that will authorize a UltraSmart if my doc okays
it. UG!..

so.. I call up the doc's office to ask the nurse to ask the doc to ok
it for me. lol the nurse tells me they're going through "phone-tree hell"
at express-scripts.. hands the phone to the doc.. so I asked her myself.
She asked me why I wanted it, I said I wanna new toy.. I'm depressed!
and if you say no, ima gonna cry! She handed the phone back to the
nurse.. he said, she can't talk.. she's laughing too hard and said order
the big ass baby her meter. :-)

thank God.. it's cover 100%.. :-)
remember.. where there's a will theres a way.

t1 - 5.00 - mm508
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