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[IP] Re: Insulin reaction to plastic

I'm combining two diff. posts to reply to:
> Even though I haven't been using a pump for very long, I did order this
> several years ago, when I was only thinking about changing from MDI. It
> stayed on the shelf collecting dust.

If you've had it awhile, sounds like it may not be the 3rd edition which has
a section about Humalog. It could make a difference.

>  I believe pork or
> beef  insulin used to be used in stuff like laundry markers and dying
> because it binds to things. maybe it will also bind to plastic? or plastic
> will bind to it and make it someone toxic?

Insulin is no longer made from beef/pork - it is Humulin (LIlly) or Human
(Novo-Nordisk). So, b/p should not be an issue. I reuse every one of my
reservoirs. I have no occlusions. YMMV

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