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Re: [IP] Insulin reaction to plastic

At 04:00 PM 8/8/03, "TINA ROBERTSON" <email @ redacted> wrote:
>The rep told me that we should not be reusing / refilling cartridges or
>using the same tubing more than 3 days (1 set change) because the insulin
>reacts to the plastic in the cartridges and tubing causing higher blood
>sugars, loss of insulin potency and infection possibilities.  I told her
>I change the infusion set every 2 - 3 days but not the tubing because of
>the wasted insulin caught inside the tubing.  She got kind of annoyed
>(well she was snotty during the whole conversation) and said that FDA
>rules state that insulin must be held / sold in glass vials to protect it
>from the plastic reaction and that we should follow suit and never reuse

Since I use glass cartridges, I can't comment on the plastic/glass issue, 
but I do use the same tubing for a week.  I have never noticed any lessened 
ability of my insulin to keep my bgs in good control.

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