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RE: [IP] Insulin reaction to plastic

Regarding the insulin and plastic issue, I read something on-line that said 
that the insulin molecules attach themselves to PVC plastic.  Minimed, several 
years ago, addressed this issue by creating tubing that uses PVC as the outer 
layer and polyfin as the inner layer.  Polyfin is too brittle to serve as the 
tubing itself.

Anyhow, insulin doesn't attach itself to Polyfin like PVC.  Apparently, within 
the first few hours of changing an infusion set, as much of 70% of the insulin 
molecules attach themselves to the PVC plastic, which resulted in highs 
immediately following a new set change.  Once all of the "holes" were filled 
 with insulin, however, everything worked fine. This is why many people used to
experience highs immediately after a site change.

 But, leaving insulin in the PVC for LONGER periods shouldn't matter since it is
within the first few hours that the insulin molecues would react to the 
plastic.  After that, there is nothing left to react to.

So, at least the MM infusion sets do not have this problem.  I would imagine 
that other companies' infusions sets have followed suit.  I have seen nothing 
about leaving the insulin in the tubing for PROLONGED periods, though, except 
for the general advice that you should change your sets every 2 1/2 to 3 days.


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