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Re: [IP] Insulin reaction to plastic


  My basic reaction to this type of comment from reps and others is that 1) 
it is their job to let consumers know what it is they, themselves, have been 
 taught by their respective companies, and, 2) of course they want you to change
everything as often as possible because that way you have more to buy which 
keeps them in business.

Now I know that some will start to bash me because of this comment but again, 
this is my own personal OPINION and opinions are never considered 
wrong...just different from your own!!!

mom to Joshua- who keeps the same tubing for about 10 days depending on his 
 insulin consumption that week. Never have a problem (3.5 yr IPer). Site stays
in 5-7 days and sometimes are dealing with hypOs on the last day!!!!!
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