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RE: [IP] Insulin reaction to plastic

Ummmm, I'm tellin'.

I use my cartridges 3 times before I change them and my infusion tubing at
least twice (I order combo packs of sites, 10 sites/5 tubes).  Either the
Comforts that Animas sells have a special non-insulin reactive plastic in
them that doesn't interact with insulin, or your CDE is taking too much of the 
info out there as gospel.  Maybe some people have problems and other don't.
To play it safe, they have to tell you this crap.  =)  Of course, YMMV.

I'm not changing!


--- margo2 <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Under Clogs; "Insulin and the plastics in reservoirs and infusion sets are
> not totally compatible. When clogs occur, insulin comes out of solution and
> crystallizes, usually near the end of the infusion line, or out-of-sight
> inside the teflon tubing at the end."
> Above this they discuss problems with clogging, stating that the most common
> cause of clogging is a low infusion rate, leaving the pump in suspend mode
> for lengthy periods and bad insulin. They also list reuse of reservoirs and
> infusion sets as increasing the risk of clogging.
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