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RE: [IP] Insulin reaction to plastic

Under Clogs; "Insulin and the plastics in reservoirs and infusion sets are
not totally compatible. When clogs occur, insulin comes out of solution and
crystallizes, usually near the end of the infusion line, or out-of-sight
inside the teflon tubing at the end."

Above this they discuss problems with clogging, stating that the most common
cause of clogging is a low infusion rate, leaving the pump in suspend mode
for lengthy periods and bad insulin. They also list reuse of reservoirs and
infusion sets as increasing the risk of clogging.

Hope that helps and hope I don't get jailed for copywrite laws. I'm going to
tell them it's all your fault, you egged me on.

Even though I haven't been using a pump for very long, I did order this book
several years ago, when I was only thinking about changing from MDI. It just
stayed on the shelf collecting dust.
I should have read it as I would have changed earlier....I think this book
is an absolute must for anyone on the pump.


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references to this issue in Pumping Insulin, page 213 specifically.Margo

 Margo, for those of us who do not have the book, could you elaberate a bit,
please? Liz

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