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Re: [IP] The joke of sugar-free foods

If I'm going to eat "sweets", I'm going to eat the good stuff, made with 
sugar!!!!!  ;-)

Me, too!  I met a friend of a friend.  She was rather on the overweight
side and pulled out a sugar-free pecan cluster or something.  I asked her
if she was diabetic.  She told me no, but her doctor told her that if she
kept eating so much sugar, she'd become one.  I told her about the idea
that it was carbs, not sugar, that raise blood sugar.  Now, possibly, if
you're insulin resistant, other carbs don't affect you like sugar carbs -
I don't know.  She told me that the sugar free candy doesn't raise her
blood sugar like "real" candy.  If she's right, and the sugar-free stuff
is better for her, then good.  I've found that the only advantage to
eating sugar-free things is that it's easier to eat a small amount and
walk away.  

And, my friend's niece worked at a candy store.  She had the NERVE to
point me to the sugar-free items.  I told her the same thing.  I'm not
sure she believed me, but I really hope she did.  

Not to mention, when we had church friends over, and a NURSE told me she
searched high and low for a sugar-free dessert to bring me.  I told her,
"Thanks, but I'll just have a piece of the cake you brought."  It was
good, and an hour later my blood sugar was 115!!

It's just sad.


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