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[IP] Re: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #447

I agree too.  The thing that burns my butt is that all these "sugar-free"
foods are so expensive, the size of the piece is much smaller, they
have the same or more carbs per serving, the serving size is less and the
amount in a whole package is much less as their full flavor
counterparts.  And don't even get me started on the expense and size of
the artificial sweetners, my blood pressure is high enough already! 

I think this is discrimination, the price and size difference should be
regulated to be more in-line with the "sugared" alternatives. 

The industry as a whole, feels that this stuff is used by dieters who
will pay almost anything to control their weight so they are bound
to charge as much as they can, but they forgot / don't care about those
of us who many want or need to use their products for medical or
allergy reasons.  We suffer because they are greedy and have a cash cow.

>From: "margo2" >Subject: RE: [IP] The joke of sugar-free foods > >I
agree Ryan. One of the local restaurants had "sugar-free" maple syrup and
>was serving it to all kinds of local diabetics. It actually had MORE
carbs >than the regular syrup and affected sugars even more adversely.
The >restaurant has since changed the syrup, but the one they have now
is... >about inedible! Puke! I'm with you.....I'll take the real
>stuff.....moderation is the key to my way of thinking....I haven't had
>another turtle sundae....:) > >Margo


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