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RE: [IP] Insulin reaction to plastic

There is references to this issue in Pumping Insulin, page 213 specifically.


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Subject: [IP] Insulin reaction to plastic

I was speaking to my Animas rep recently and she made a statement that
caught me totally off guard, I was hoping others on this list could
verify or elaborate.

The rep told me that we should not be reusing / refilling cartridges or
using the same tubing more than 3 days (1 set change) because the insulin
reacts to the plastic in the cartridges and tubing causing higher blood
sugars, loss of insulin potency and infection possibilities.  I told her
I change the infusion set every 2 - 3 days but not the tubing because of
the wasted insulin caught inside the tubing.  She got kind of annoyed
(well she was snotty during the whole conversation) and said that FDA
rules state that insulin must be held / sold in glass vials to protect it
from the plastic reaction and that we should follow suit and never reuse

Has anyone ever heard that with that explaination before?  Without
starting a war can anyone elaborate on this subject? I was wondering if
this was a real concern or if she was just trying to scare people into
not reusing / refilling in order to make sure we order the supplies as
often as they want us too!  


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