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Re: [IP] Medtronic alleges patent infringement

Hi Ryan.

>From what I have read on the list about mm and their customer relations,
their pumps being faulty, having to sell out to a larger company like
medtronic due to stock problems, it just seems like mm is struggling some
for market share and I just sort of raise my eyebrow at them like now what
are they up too? Like you say, patents are important and the courts will
determine if deltec is doing what mm states they are. I think if truth be
known though, I think competition and low market share is helping mm's
decision. Deltec seems to be a cutting edge company that is rizing very very
quickly and mm I think may just be feeling the heat from Deltec. Heck, when
Deltec first started doing insulin pumps, they had 1 full shift, then they
had to go to two full shifts, and now are at three full shifts to make the
pumps. Deltec is a great company that diabetics are really starting to

I've yet to get a pump but have been in contact with Deltec about their pump
and want nothing to do with mm based on what I have researched on that
struggeling company. I have heard from some that even to get an info package
from mm they want your insurance company information and when you get your
mm info pack, included is a pump and a note saying hey thanks for ordering
an mm pump. So, yes, I am slightly biased favoring Deltec since I don't like
what I am finding out about mm and their marketing techniques smiles.
However, that isn't to say that their are not a lot of  very content mm
pumpers out there, I'm certain there are. Just my two sense on the issue...


>  Patents are completely pointless if companies are not allowed, even
> to enforce their patents.  Now, I can't speak to the specific details in
> case, but if MM is correct, they have a patent on something that another
> company is now using.  MM filed a patent so that they have the rights to
> design.
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