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RE [IP] The joke of sugar-free foods

>Ryan, im not sure how old you are, or, how long youve been blessed, with this
>lovely disease, but, i Think things have change a bunch.

I'm 30, and have had diabetes for 21 years. :-)

>40 years ago, i (me.. just me), was allowed to eat 2 slices of bread, peanut
>butter (OH, but NOT regular jelly), and even a fruit,
>but, i could TOUCH 1 ONCE of coke (or NON-diet jelly).....NOoooooooooooo

Actually, I've been through it all.  I remember, when diagnosed, being told 
that I couldn't even eat regular peanut butter...it had to be the "natural" 
kind because they didn't add sugar to it.  I was on an exchange-based diet for 
years.  Over time, this changed into a pseudo-exchange based diet, where you 
could substitute a desert for a fruit exchange, etc.  This eventually led to 
determining exchanges based on carb content.  (1 bread exchange is 15 carbs.)

Finally, about 10 years ago, the idea of carb counting started becoming 
mainstream.  I started carb-counting about 8 years ago.

>this "CARB" thing, is something Relatively (ok.. i said "relatively") New
>i DOUBT that diabetic were the REAL audience, of sugar free foods... it was
>the "Weight loss industry"... we were more like "tag-alongs"

Type-2 diabetics, in particular, were the audience.  If you recall, nearly 
ALL "sugar-free" foods had the "ADA" label with a disclaimer, "Persons with 
diabetes may find this food useful in their diet."  THe weight loss industry 
 was focused on calories...and this sugar-free food had just as many calories as
the counterparts with sugar.

>Im not saying, it wasnt or isnt a farce, but, from a diabetic point-of-view,
>it WAS Calories (mostly from Sugar).... a carb.... what IS that ??

I'm not saying that either.  Sure, there were NEVER any studies showing that 
all carbs (sans fiber) affect BGLs the same...but regardless, it was the 
accepted trend in diabetes management.  But, we are now well into a new era of 
 diabetes...and I'm just shocked that companies are still making this sugar-free
food that just uses other carbs.   TODAY, it is a joke.

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