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Re: [IP] Glycemic Index

I think you'll find that if you subtract out the fiber from those foods, that 
you will find the carbs affect the BGL the same.  Remember that fiber doesn't 
 affect BGLs. Glycemic index doesn't just refer to the carbs, but the food as a
 whole. So, of course, eating high-fiber foods will not affect BGLs the same as
low-fiber foods.  Lentils, etc., are high-fiber foods. In some cases, how food 
is prepared can affect how quicly it enters.  For example, it is known that a 
candy bar will enter the blood stream slower than straight glucose...but that 
is because the sugar gets "cooked" into the fat molecules, and so must be 
 digested a bit longer. But, the affect only DELAYS the sugar from entering the
bloodstream by a matter of minutes, it doesn't actually PREVENT it from 
entering the bloodstream.

Glycemic index isn't really useful for Type 1 diabetics if you are paying 
attention to fiber content in foods...although, it might help determine if you 
should use an extended bolus for some foods, etc.


>I agree with you about many sugar-free foods being useless or harmful.  But 
>I have to disagree with your statement that the glycemic index of a food 
>does not affect a Type 1.  I have seen a great deal of variation in how my 
>blood sugar reacts to low- versus high-glycemic foods.  With some 
>low-glycemic foods--such as cooked dried beans or lentils, barley, sweet 
>potatoes or yams--I have to be very careful to bolus less than I would for 
>an equivalent carb serving of a high-glycemic food like white rice or baked 
>Also, the low glycemic index of cornstarch, combined with the usually large 
>amount of fat included in the meal, tends to promote the high that many 
>Type 1s experience several hours after eating American Chinese food.
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