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Re: [IP] The joke of sugar-free foods


 On food labels, the "Total carbohydrates" listed includes the sugars. When you
 bolus for carbs, you don't have to add in the sugars, since it is already added
 into the total carbs. What matters is the total carbs. However, fiber is also
included in total carbs.  Fiber does NOT break down into carbs in the blood 
stream, so it should be substracted from the total carbs.  Usually, there is 
very little fiber, so it is negligible. But, if a food has a high fiber 
content, you'll want to subject fiber from total carbs to know how much to 
bolus for.

Sugar, itself, is only one of many carbs that affect BG.  :-)


>ok Ryan and Margo.
>if a food has 8 grams of carbs and 3 sugars, do you account those 3 sugar
>grams or disregard them adn only focus on the carb grams?
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