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Re: [IP] Medtronic alleges patent infringement


 Patents are completely pointless if companies are not allowed, even encouraged,
to enforce their patents.  Now, I can't speak to the specific details in this 
case, but if MM is correct, they have a patent on something that another 
company is now using.  MM filed a patent so that they have the rights to such 

Having "similar" designs is not patent infringement.  Ford and Chevy can have 
similar designs all they want...but Ford and Chevy would DEFINITELY sue one 
another if one of the companies developed a patent for a new vehicle 
technology, and then the other starting duplicating the use of that technology 
without paying royalties.  

The patent laws were put in place to PROTECT companies.  A company could spend 
thousands or millions of dollars developing something that another company 
could just, then, take and use for themselves without any of the development 
costs.  That gives the other company an unfair advantage, and they are 
profiting off of the work of another company without giving them what they are 

If, in fact, MM had patented the combination meter/pump back in 1997 as they 
 allege, than they should be praised for having enough forethought for patenting
the idea before anyone else.  This rewards innovation.  Deltec, should their 
device truly be in "violation" of this patent, should have to pay MM royalties 
for their device because they are profiting from an idea that MM first 
developed and patented.  In fact, a few weeks back, MM was bashed for 
announcing their 512 pump because it contained features that Deltec announced 
several months earlier but won't release until next year. Just because Deltec 
publically announced it first doesn't mean that they were even CLOSE to having 
 come up with the idea first. Instead, it seems that Deltec was trying to steal
thunder away from MM by announcing their product BEFORE MM could release 
theirs, knowing that they could not possibly get their device to market before 


>ya but don is it *really* the exact same system? For example... if that was
>the case, Chevy and Ford could be sueing one another all the time for
>similar concepts in their cars, trucks, etc. Just seems so childlike to sue
>over something that is just fair competition. Instead of sueing them, why
>not have minimed/medtronic better their products and  show them who the boss
>is. Just tossing out opinions here so not trying to tick anyone off. Just
>food for thought...
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