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RE [IP] The joke of sugar-free foods

Ryan, im not sure how old you are, or, how long youve been blessed, with this
lovely disease, but, i Think things have change a bunch.

40 years ago, i (me.. just me), was allowed to eat 2 slices of bread, peanut
butter (OH, but NOT regular jelly), and even a fruit,
but, i could TOUCH 1 ONCE of coke (or NON-diet jelly).....NOoooooooooooo

this "CARB" thing, is something Relatively (ok.. i said "relatively") New

i DOUBT that diabetic were the REAL audience, of sugar free foods... it was
the "Weight loss industry"... we were more like "tag-alongs"

Im not saying, it wasnt or isnt a farce, but, from a diabetic point-of-view,
it WAS Calories (mostly from Sugar).... a carb.... what IS that ??

>> I wish I could start a campaign to get the FDA to STOP allowing sugar-free
NAH, they're to busy, inspecting the floor, at a  pump plant, somewhere ;-)

YLPV (your live possibly varied)
There ARE no FACTS stated here, these are the memories of the experiences of
the Lutz Household, from around 1959 +/-...
Your house hold might NOT have felt the same way, nor treated diabetes, in any
matter, resembling this... (did i cover my $@&* here ?)
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