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Re: [IP] Glycemic Index (was the joke of sugar-free food)

At 04:03 PM 8/8/03 +0000, you wrote:
 > Discussion of finding sugar-free licorice made me think about this, and get
 >about it all over again.
 >I think the greatest joke ever played on diabetics is the "lie" of 
 >foods.  As has been known for quite some time now, all carbs are essentially
 >the same in terms of their affect on the BG, with a SLIGHT amount of
 >variability.  In fact, any variation (glycemic index) that food has is
 >virtually worthless to the Type 1 diabetic, though may be SLIGHTLY 
 >to note for the Type 2.


I agree with you about many sugar-free foods being useless or harmful.  But 
I have to disagree with your statement that the glycemic index of a food 
does not affect a Type 1.  I have seen a great deal of variation in how my 
blood sugar reacts to low- versus high-glycemic foods.  With some 
low-glycemic foods--such as cooked dried beans or lentils, barley, sweet 
potatoes or yams--I have to be very careful to bolus less than I would for 
an equivalent carb serving of a high-glycemic food like white rice or baked 

Also, the low glycemic index of cornstarch, combined with the usually large 
amount of fat included in the meal, tends to promote the high that many 
Type 1s experience several hours after eating American Chinese food.

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