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Re: [IP] The joke of sugar-free foods

"I wish I could start a campaign to get the FDA to STOP allowing sugar-free 
foods to be labeled as they are. It is very misleading to a huge population 
diabetics who think they are getting to eat something they otherwise 
couldn't...unknowingly actually eating something just as "bad" for them.

If I'm going to eat "sweets", I'm going to eat the good stuff, made with 
sugar!!!!!  ;-)"

I'll help with this campaign!  "Sugar-free" foods taste awful!  (Except Pepsi 
:>)!)  My poor mom spent hours trying to make me "treats" when I was young.  
I just pretended to like them because I know she tried so hard!  Ever since 
Humalog and counting carbs. I have done away with "sugar-free"!  There is no 
diabetic benefit to eating sugar free and taking in the carbs.
Give me the REAL THING!  (And don't tell me "Ooo you can't eat that!")
Lynn S.
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