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Re: [IP] family history?

Best 'Cause of Death' I've seen was ==  Heart Failure!:)

jhughey wrote:

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>>>>After all, a diabetic doesn't actual die of diabetes but of the
>complications brought on BY diabetes or old age (hopefully). And the death
>certificate would list *heart attack*, *stroke*, *renal failure*, etc as the
>actual cause of death. Now, in the case of the renal failure, you can be
>sure of the cause of it.>>>
>OOOps - more assumptions. 42% of dialysis patients are DMers. What about the
>other 58%?????? Looking at a death certificate of those would very wrong to
>assume DM. There are many causes for renal failure: Glomerulonephritis
>(immune or autoimmune), Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, Pyelonephritis
>(recurrent kidney infections), Polycystic kidney disease (congenital),
>Tubular / interstitial nephropathies (urinary blockage, infection,
>drug/chemical toxicity),
>as well as Unknown causes.
>DM may be the *heaviest* percentage, but certainly nothing to be *sure* of
>on a death certificate unless noted.
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