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RE: [IP] The joke of sugar-free foods

I agree Ryan. One of the local restaurants had "sugar-free" maple syrup and
was serving it to all kinds of local diabetics. It actually had MORE carbs
than the regular syrup and affected sugars even more adversely. The
restaurant has since changed the syrup, but the one they have now is...
about inedible! Puke! I'm with you.....I'll take the real
stuff.....moderation is the key to my way of thinking....I haven't had
another turtle sundae....:)


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Subject: [IP] The joke of sugar-free foods

 Discussion of finding sugar-free licorice made me think about this, and get
about it all over again.

I think the greatest joke ever played on diabetics is the "lie" of
foods.  As has been known for quite some time now, all carbs are essentially
the same in terms of their affect on the BG, with a SLIGHT amount of
variability.  In fact, any variation (glycemic index) that food has is
virtually worthless to the Type 1 diabetic, though may be SLIGHTLY
to note for the Type 2.

I get frustrated with all of the marketing of sugar-free foods out there
are still loaded with carbs.  Sure, they took out the sugar, but replaced it
with another carb that still affects the BGL.  Sure, the sugar alcohols may
affect the BGL a bit more slowly...but the end result is the same for the
1 at least.

I've had to repeatedly try to convince some of my loving family that buying
me "sugar-free" candy, etc., is completely worthless.  I show them that the
 carb content is the same...but they come back saying, "But, it says it is

 The ONLY sugar-free foods that are "worthwhile" in this way are those made
artificial sweetners such as saccharine, asparatame, acesulfame-K
and sucralose (Splenda).  But, as we all know, these are limited in their
 usefulness. Even sucralose, which is a modified sugar molecule and tastes
like sugar, lacks the crystalline structure of sugar due to the fact that it
has to be "watered down" using corn starch, etc.  This means that baking
it, etc., isn't effective...it affects TEXTURE of the foods negatively.

I wish I could start a campaign to get the FDA to STOP allowing sugar-free
 foods to be labeled as they are. It is very misleading to a huge population
diabetics who think they are getting to eat something they otherwise
couldn't...unknowingly actually eating something just as "bad" for them.

Sorry to rant...just had to get that off my mind!  :-)

If I'm going to eat "sweets", I'm going to eat the good stuff, made with
sugar!!!!!  ;-)
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