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RE: [IP] A few questions

When researching pumps, I had originally wanted a D-Tron Plus but the FDA
took care of that little idea for me. For me, the choice at that moment was
between the Cozmo and the Animas and I chose the Animas as I didn't need all
the little extras on the Cozmo. I've only been on the Animas pump for just
over 4 weeks but, I'm very happy with the choice. I do not have a large need
for insulin and take about 25 to 30 units total per day. I had the pump
alarm for an occlusion right after I changed infusion sites which I was
impressed with. I was not impressed with the person who had put the new
infusion set in because the cannula was bent! :)

I also had it alarm for low insulin about 2am the other day....now, that I
didn't exactly appreciate! I had plenty of insulin in there and was
scheduled to change the site in the early morning hours....but NOT at 2am!
Personally, I would prefer it alarm when there is 10 units left, not 20!

Bottom line is, it seems exceptionally sturdy, is easy to operate, love
their ezManager program with the Palm, and it's working great for me.


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(2) I was the (not so proud) owner of the Dtron and the Dtron+ and in the
space of 2 years have had 5 pumps due to various break down, so as I said
in my introduction I plan on getting the anima or the cozmo. The minimed
512 has the same week motor and if you get that one it seems that you are
stuck with mm CT (not to talk about all the electronic problems...).
What are the impressions of people using the anima, it seems very sturdy,
the oclusion alarm runs at 1 unit which is ideal for someone having small
basal needs? any input appreciated, I dont want to get another not ready

Much thanks


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