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Re: [IP] keep it cold?

In a message dated 8/8/2003 2:55:07 AM Alaskan Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes: 
> On your trip to Fla. I would suggest you carry a box of syringes and at
> least 2 bottles
> of Humalog (in Mass both are only available by prescription <snip>

> Most but not all have small room size refrigerators in the rooms, put your
> Humalog in there.

   Yes, Humalog, Novalog and Lantus are all by prescription only, except in 
Canada, I think. Word of warning bout those room size refrigerators.....check 
the one in your room frequently at first, cause the one in one my my hotel 
 rooms last year kept freezing everything! Better to put it in the insulin in
middle of the fridge, rather than the door, the very bottom or top (near the 
freezer). In mine, that was the only safe place. Stuff elsewhere froze. 
 Fortunately, I didn't have my insulin in there at the time. I had left it out
first night, and hadn't been worried bout it as I had the airconditioner 
 running. Next am, frozen apples, pop, water, etc. Turned the control up and was
better. So, just be careful at first.

Enjoy your trip. Tina 
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