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: Re: [IP] basal and skipping meals

>>The pump doesn't offer me any advantages with respect to diet
>>flexibility. On MDI with Ultralente and Humalog, I was able to eat
>>what I wanted when I wanted.

And the pump DOESNT enable you to do that ???????

i went from HAVING to eat "3 squares a day", to not having to "eat at all".

i Now only eat, in the evening... 
I have read a lot about how, "with the pump, i can eat anything",
and i appreciate that (yes... real Mountain Dew), 
 BUT, i much more appreciate "Not having to eat", and especially on any

Either, i am not reading this correctly, i just dont get it, or "someone, may
not be using their pump, to its fullest capability"........

 OH, and BTW, i am living just fine, without sticking needle(s) in my body,
times a day, anymore.

YMMV or not, i have never read, or heard, from anyone pumping, say anything
even close to this (aint sayin' it isnt possible, just havent heard it)........
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