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Re: [IP] basal and skipping meals

Hi Justin,

> Can I have the flexibility of eating when I want... if I am using UL
> for the basal and humalog for quick acting... ?

The pump doesn't offer me any advantages with respect to diet
flexibility. On MDI with Ultralente and Humalog, I was able to eat
what I wanted when I wanted.

The principal advantage of the pump for me is to be able to change my
basal dose instantly. For instance, my basal dose was 0.7 u/hr
yesterday, but it increased (due to lack of activity) to 1.1 u/hr
today. Had I been using UltraLente for basal coverage, I would have
needed to wait until the next shot was scheduled and then an
additional 8 hours to feel the effect of a step change in dosage. With
the pump, I saw the effect 2 hours after pushing the buttons.

regards, Andy
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