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In a message dated 8/8/03 1:01:23 PM Jerusalem Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> We plan on a trip to Florida (we live in
> Pa) next month, so I did order the small wallet for my insulin, since we 
> will
> be driving, to keep spare insulin cold, but do I need the pump wallet? I 
> have
> never seen anyone with a "cool pump " before....Isn't it bad to put cold
> insulin in your pump, or in your body?
> Sorry so long...thanks for any help!

Insulin kept in high temperature can very quickly go bad.  Lilly's 
 recommendations is not more than 6 hours at 96 deg. and not more 9 hours at 86.
I say
think of insulin like an egg white, keep it out in the heat too long and it 
 will go bad. A "cool pump" will never be as cold as a fridge, but it will help
prevent the insulin from going bad.  Our suggestion to those that are spending 
time in warm temperatures and do not have air-conditioning, is to keep the 
 insulin that they are using in a low drawer (Heat rises) and keep a cool gel
in the draw, not too close to the insulin, but just in the drawer to keep a 
cool environment.  Extra insulin should be stored in a fridge, best spot is on 
the door.  It should never be kept too close to the freezer, or in the very 
cold areas of the fridge.  It is true that before using insulin should be kept 
at room temp.  It is uncomfortable to be injected with cold insulin, and the 
absorption is not as good.
Any change in regimen should be verified with your Rav and/or health care 

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