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In a message dated 8/8/03 1:01:23 PM Jerusalem Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> I would suggest you try Lantus and Humalog or Novolog.. I think that
> combination would come closest to the pump as the Lantus basically has no
> peaking action. I used the Lantus/Humalog combination and didn't eat if I
> didn't want to and it was an easy transition from that to the pump. Further,
> I love the pump....

I agree with Margo, the best way would probably be Lantus.  Most people get 
by with only 1 evening shot of Lantus.  However, there are those that need to 
take it twice a day.  Due to its mild action all food needs to be covered by a 
short acting, usually Humalog or Novolog.  But that is the best way anyway.  
When you start trying to cover food with long acting you most likely will run 
in to glitches.
Any change in regimen should be verified with your Rav and/or health care 

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