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[IP] A few questions

Hello, I appologise if these questions have been addressed in the
recent past...

(1) I have had much trouble with catheteres (denoted in the rest of this
letter by CT), I have little fat and thus can not use the 900 CT. I have 
been using the tender/silouhette ones and I basically have to put them at
an angle that is allmost parallel to the skin so the CT does not block it
self against muscle. This is not easy to achieve and sometimes I have to
redo the piercing 4/5 times which is trully unpleasant at best. Do you have
any tips on how to achieve this with out numerous sticking...I know there
are new CT comming out, the patch (not yet out) and an another one similar
to the tender but supposodly designed for skinny people (they are made by
spectra I think) has any one tried them??

(2) I was the (not so proud) owner of the Dtron and the Dtron+ and in the
space of 2 years have had 5 pumps due to various break down, so as I said
in my introduction I plan on getting the anima or the cozmo. The minimed
512 has the same week motor and if you get that one it seems that you are
stuck with mm CT (not to talk about all the electronic problems...).
What are the impressions of people using the anima, it seems very sturdy,
the oclusion alarm runs at 1 unit which is ideal for someone having small
basal needs? any input appreciated, I dont want to get another not ready

Much thanks


Nicolas Eisen

email @ redacted
phone +33 5 49 49 68 79
fax   +33 5 49 49 69 01

Universiti de Poitiers  UFR Sciences SP2MI                   
Dipartement de Mathimatiques                    
iliport 2  Boulevard Marie et Pierre Curie      
BP 30179 86962 Futuroscope Chasseneuil Cedex 
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