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RE: [IP] family history?

  --- On Fri 08/08, Michelle & Howard Schlight < email @ redacted >

 From: Michelle & Howard Schlight [mailto: email @ redacted]To:
email @ redacted: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 23:45:03 -0500Subject: [IP] family
history?my paternal grandfather had a brother who died as a child with what they
nowfigure was diabetes, his death certificate had something listed like'wasting
away' and as an old guy, this grandfather recalls the fruity breathhis brother
had before he went inot a coma and diedmost older death certificates were not
accurate enough by today's standardsto know much..
 Michelle, that's very true. And that's where the problem is....the older death
certificates were not as accurate as they are today. But even now, what is on
the death certificate would not always be what be the entire medical history of
a person. After all, a diabetic doesn't actual die of diabetes but of the
complications brought on BY diabetes or old age (hopefully). And the death
certificate would list *heart attack*, *stroke*, *renal failure*, etc as the
actual cause of death. Now, in the case of the renal failure, you can be fairly
sure of the cause of it. But not in the case of the heart attack or stroke. It
was most likely the cause.
 But not many people are into genealogy and can trace their family history. And
those that can, can't always trace the medical history or every single branch. I
have some branches where I have simply hit brick walls only 3-4 generations back
and others where I have gone back to the Vikings. And then there are families
where the older generation doesn't want to talk about the medical history of the
family like it is a dirty secret or something. Or you have families where you
run into adoptions.
 My husband's oldest is a type I and to their knowledge, no one in their family
has ever been a type I. Yes, there is diabetes in the family but as a type II.
Where the type I came from is a total mystery. But we know it has to be there
somewhere in the shrouds of his genetic history. Liz

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