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Re: [IP] keep it cold?

Hi Holly,

I've been thru this with my CDE more than once to be sure. An opened bottle
of Humalog is
good out of the refrig for about 60 days. Unopened and in the refrig until
its expiration.

On your trip to Fla. I would suggest you carry a box of syringes and at
least 2 bottles
of Humalog (in Mass both are only available by prescription) During your
stay you can
carry syringes in your purse, if needed you can draw Humalog from the pumps
until you get back to the Hotel
Most but not all have small room size refrigerators in the rooms, put your
Humalog in there.
The box of syringes, i'm not exactly sure what to do with them, i'd be
concerned in a Hotel
about their get stolen.  

PS don't forget to take enough spare batteries and enjoy your trip.


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>Ok, have been on the pump about 10 months.. My endo says to keep extra suppy
>of insulin in frig, but the bottle that i am using for my pump, can stay out
>at room temp for 28 days... So i keep my opened bottle in my purse with extra
>sets and needles in case of emergancy... I mark my opened bottle so i know
>when to throw it away, if i ever had any left after those 28 days( i never
>have any left anyway)_Is this correct, about room temp? if it is, then why
>they selling frios wallets for pumps? We plan on a trip to Florida( we
live in
>Pa) next month, so i did order the small wallet for my insulin, since we will
>be driving, to keep spare insulin cold, but do i need the pump wallet? I have
>never seen anyone with a "cool pump " before....Isn't it bad to put cold
>insulin in your pump, or in your body??
>Sorry so long...thanks for any help!
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