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[IP] family history?

my paternal grandfather had a brother who died as a child with what they now
figure was diabetes, his death certificate had something listed like
'wasting away' and as an old guy, this grandfather recalls the fruity breath
his brother had before he went inot a coma and died

most older death certificates were not accurate enough by today's standards
to know much..another example a woman who probably had a cancer internally
eventually it ate away until she had open sores.................

thank you god for letting me live in THIS time slot rather than 100 yrs ago,
when I would have died :0

on another note, my FIL traced his family all the way back to Germany, where
the history ends because the info burned down in a church, but it is a
mazing how much genealogy my in laws have accumulated (Wales and Germany

----- Original Message ----- >
> > how many of us are very aware of each of our
> > ancestor's medical history all the way back. I mean I can trace back a
> > generation or two but get real, can we all go back many more generations
> > than 2
> > or 3 on ALL sides?
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