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Re: [IP] Accutane email @ redacted

In a message dated 8/7/03 10:39:54 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> how many of us are very aware of each of our
> ancestor's medical history all the way back. I mean I can trace back a
> generation or two but get real, can we all go back many more generations 
> than 2
> or 3 on ALL sides? 

Well, lemme see ... One of my great-grandmothers had diabetes. Nobody knows 
what type. Both my grandmohters had type 2. One great-aunt had diabetes, but 
who knows what type? She took insulin, which means nothing (I do, too, and I'm 
type 2). Dad has type 2, as do 2 of his brothers (oops! one *did* -- he died 
 with every complication he could get) and 3 sisters, one of whom is dead, but
breast cancer; not DM. Mom doesn't have diabtees, nor do any of my 3 
 brothers, although one quit smoking and started gaining weight -- in his
 area. He started smoking again. I quit smoking about 40 poiunds ago and haven't
started back up. I also have PCOS, which didn't help. 

When people mention an form of the phrase "fat and lazy" in regards to type 
2, I think of a friend of mine who is an RN, RD, CDE -- and has type 2. Gee. 
 You'd think she'd know better. She says the scariest thing that ever happened
her was when she started gaining weight and *could not take it off*!

I still think that the "fat and lazy" part comes *because* you have type 2, 
and is not a precurser of type 2.

Jan and ElvisToo 
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