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Re: [IP] Accutane email @ redacted

 --- On Thu 08/07, < email @ redacted > wrote:

 From: [mailto: email @ redacted]To: email @ redacted: Thu, 7 Aug 2003
22:49:46 EDTSubject: Re: [IP] Accutane email @ redacted a message dated
8/7/03 8:44:14 PM US Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted writes:> Hi, I
do not have a family history of diabetes at all. My husbands mother > is >
newly diagnosed with type 2, but I"m sure it's from unhealthy eating and >
lack of exercise.Hey, forgive me, but I'm tired of this "it's all your fault"
attitude about type 2. It has a very strong genetic component. You can engage in
unhealthy eating and not exercise all of your life -- which, BTW, *most* people
areguiltyof -- and not get type 2 diabetes. You have to have the genes for
it.Jan and ElvisToo
 Thank you, Jan and to be honest, how many of us are very aware of each of our
ancestor's medical history all the way back. I mean I can trace back a
generation or two but get real, can we all go back many more generations than 2
or 3 on ALL sides? You get to your grandparents and we are talking 4, then to
your great grandparents, there are 8, then 16...and that's assuming you even
know who all 16 are. I just happen to know which side of the family my diabetes
comes from by happenstance. I have a cousin who was also doing genealogical
research on my father's, mother's side who found the *root* as far as we know at
this point. We know it doesn't start there cause she got it from somewhere but
it was a start. But we traced it back 6 generations on one side, along with what
we suspect is the PCOS connection cause she had the exact same build.
 Yes, how we eat and exercise is a component but it isn't the ONLY component.
The current population of the US is 291,723,655 and over 60% of the American
population are overweight. But over 80% of diabetics are overweight (that's
16,000,000 diabetics)...so for a population of 175,034,193 overweight people,
only 12,800,000 are overweight diabetics. Now the medical community is beginning
to ask, which came first? Did diabetes cause a person to be overweight or did
the weight cause a person to be a diabetic? If being overweight was really the
root cause of being diabetic, wouldn't more people be diabetic? Because if they
don't have the gene to be diabetic, they can be as overweight as they want and
they won't be diabetic. I got unlucky...I got the gene. Liz

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