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Re: [IP] basal and skipping meals

 In my experience on humalog/ultra then that other new long lasting one, anyway,
you have SOME flexibility.I found that my Breakfast, Lunch or Supper could be
delayed or even sometimes skipped, but NOT the snacks because of the basal
insulin on board. That's my experience anyway. Good luck!
Tami in Tucson

Hi all.

Here is a question for anyone who might have an answer.

On the pump, carb counting, it gives you the flexibility of eating pretty
much when you want. I am on insulin shots, three a day, and soon to be
pumping in about 2 months. I am on ultrelente and R right now. In about 1
week I'll be going on humalog combined with the UL til I get my pump in a
few months.

While I wait for my pump, Can I have the flexibility of eating when I want
like someone on the pump if I am using UL for the basal and humalog for
quick acting til I get my pump? Do I still have to stick to an exact  time
schedule of eating meals?

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