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RE: [IP] basal and skipping meals

I would suggest you try Lantus and Humalog or Novalog. I think that
combination would come closest to the pump as the Lantus basically has no
peaking action. I used the Lantus/Humalog combination and didn't eat if I
didn't want to and it was an easy transition from that to the pump. Further,
I love the pump....


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Subject: [IP] basal and skipping meals

Hi all.

Here is a question for anyone who might have an answer.

On the pump, carb counting, it gives you the flexibility of eating pretty
much when you want. I am on insulin shots, three a day, and soon to be
pumping in about 2 months. I am on ultrelente and R right now. In about 1
week I'll be going on humalog combined with the UL til I get my pump in a
few months.

While I wait for my pump, Can I have the flexibility of eating when I want
like someone on the pump if I am using UL for the basal and humalog for
quick acting til I get my pump? Do I still have to stick to an exact  time
schedule of eating meals?

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