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[IP] Re: humalog duration

The numbers I used are based on guidelines that many endos use.  First, I know 
that endos assume that your insulin needs on humalog versus regular, and on 
pump versus long-acting insulin, drop by about 25%.  This number is on the 
conservative side to prevent lows when you first switch.  Then, they will inch 
it back up if necessary.  (In the end, for me, my total daily insulin 
requirements did not change much from pre-pump...but they still did the 25% 
reduction to be safe at first.)

Also, as a guideline, it is assumed that your basal insulin will be about 50% 
 of your total daily insulin. Of course, this is approximate. If you eat a lot
of carbs, then your basal rate will likely be less than 50%, as is my case.  
(My basal insulin totals 19 units/day, whereas my total average insulin 
 requirements varies from 50-60 units a day due to the fact that I eat about 300
grams of carbs a day.)

As far as the ratios for carbs and correction, the formulas used are generally 
taken from John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin", etc.  There is a 500-rule and 
1800-rule, etc.  These are used to set a STARTING point.


>Hi Ryan.
>Curious, where did you get the below numbers? From your own experience/endo
>or is this a common standard to start at when using humalog and a pump?
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