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Re: [IP] !!!!!!!!!!!!

On 8/6/03 10:45 PM, "Scott Huber" <email @ redacted> Demonstrated stellar
typing skills by writing:

> Alright I can relate to occasional diabetic problems, but you have to
> take responsibility for them and you are protected by the Americans with
> disabilities act, so they can't fire you on that alone!!!  Good luck

I have to chime in here. Employers have every right to hire who they please.
I myself have no complications from diabetes, but my age (47) and my
eyesight trouble from birth has been a major barrier to even getting

Yes, they CAN fire you on that alone, especially if your job duties are
adversely affected.

Whether these 'problems' are complications, or something in the day to day
lifestyle ("What do you mean, 'you need a break to eat'? You can't! We're
too busy!") or the fact your diabetes involves company insurance and
liability issues etc, the workforce as a whole stinks right now for
everyone, diabetic or not.

Yes, we may well have the Americans with Disabilities, Act, but it is also
the hardest to prove, and you won't find many lawyers out here anyway who
would take on  an ADA case.
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