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[IP] Ketoacidosis in type 2

If you're type 2 and you aren't making enough insulin (or any
insulin, if you've had it a long time) and you become ill (which
can raise the bg), you can develop DKA. It isn't as common as DKA
in a type 1 but it can happen. Type 2s typically get HHNK
(hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic coma) and type 1s
typically get DKA but there have been cases where a type 1 has
gotten HHNK and a type 2 has gotten DKA...there is some crossover
between the types.
When a type 2s pancreas burns out and no longer produces insulin,
they are an insulin-dependent type 2, they don't become type 1.

Laura said:
Is this true??  This is the first time I've ever heard this.  I'd
thought ketoacidosis occurred almost exclusively in type 1's.

If it does occur in type 2, what causes it?  Does the body just
become SO
insulin resistant that it can't use any of the (probably large
amounts) of
circulating insulin?  Or does it occur when a type 2's pancreas
"burns out" and stops producing insulin (which would make them,
in effect,
a type 1, although not an autoimmune-related type 1)?  Since
is the result of a critical lack of insulin, I'm curious as to
what would
trigger it in someone with type 2.
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