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Re: [IP] wisdom advice

Thank your lucky stars he is on the pump.  I also had my wisdom teeth all
out under General, because mine were impacted, one had a cyst, and one was
growing up against a nerve.  I was on NPH and R at the time.  After the
general the doctor gave me codine and I was basically in gagaland for five
days.  I had a few lows due to not eating and I had to greatly reduce my
insulin intake due to that.  I couldn't use straws to drink because the
sucking motion of the mouth tore at the stiches, so I had to drink normal
and hope for the best.  By day three I had my mom make mac-and-cheese and
cut it up really small so that I could basically swallow it spoonful by
spoonful whole because I was desparate for solid food.  It was a much more
serious endeavor then I expected.  I couldn't chew food comfortably for
about three weeks.  My husband, on the other hand, had his yanked and was
eating steak three days later.

Everyone's experience is different.  For me the medication (codine) dropped
my blood sugars.  But the stress of the surgery and pain before I got the
medication made me sky rocket.

Hope your sons experience is more pleasant than mine was.
-- Sherry
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