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[IP] Re: Humalog duration

On Wednesday, August 6, 2003, "Justin Daubenmire" <email @ redacted>  

> I've seen a post on this list that humalog takes 1.5 hours to peek and 
> be
> out of your system. Is this true for most on the list who uses 
> humalog? How
> long have you found that it takes humalog to be done and out of your 
> body

I haven't seen it mentioned recently, so I thought I would bring it up 
again <gr.> -- for me, the duration of humalog can vary quite a bit 
with AMOUNT bolused.

I was thinking of this today because yesterday my site evidently got 
pulled out sometime before my lunchtime bolus (I had thought the 167 
before lunch was just elevated because of the PT I'd had that morning). 
  2 1/2 hours later (after uncharacteristically falling asleep) my bg 
was 587, and I did some rather aggressive bolusing and injecting.  Six+ 
hours later, when I went to bed, my bg was 141, and I figured that was 
fine, since there might be some more activity, even after more than 6 
hours, since my bolus had been so high.  Well, there was more than I 
expected -- I woke up with a 50 bg in the early morning.  So those 
boluses were having noticeable activity for well over 6 hours, possibly 
quite a bit more. For my usual size boluses, I don't notice any 
activity after 3-4 hours.

It's true that I am being treated for an insulin allergy, which could 
theoretically have a hand in this, I guess, but it was true for me as 
long as I have been using Humalog, years before I had any allergy 
symptoms.  And with Regular -- well, don't even get me started on that 

I can take an approximation of it into account as unused insulin when I 
am evaluating future boluses or food intake -- is the Cosmo able to do 

Linda Z
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