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Re: [IP] High BGL during exercise

>>> email @ redacted 08/06/03 04:28pm >>>
The Dr. is a bit baffled by the high numbers during 
 practice. He thinks it could due to adrenaline.

 I can only offer my own experience, but I've found that anaerobic exercise
causes me to go high, while sustained aerobic exercise will lower my blood
sugar. I am a competitive dragonboater, and during our endurance training (long
periods of paddling at 70-80% power) I need to keep up the carbs and gatorade,
but on race days when you have the excitement and nervousness, along with the
short bursts of energy (races are 2 min - 8 min depending on the length of the
course - and basically feel like a heartattack) I run high all day. This also
happens when we are doing strength training as opposed to endurance.

 If your sons practices are all sprints, weights, short burst-type activities,
which are anaerobic, this could be why his numbers are high. Again, YMMV, and
I'm not an expert, just been at it a while and it's always been this way for me.

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