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RE: [IP] Re: Diabetic dog diet

I do check his sugars with my Advantage, which is the meter found most
accurate by the University of Illinois for pets. There's a real problem
because the meters are geared for our red blood cell size and animals have
small ones. The smaller cells block the top membrane, not letting all the
glucose down onto the bottom one.

If I hadn't been checking with my meter, and watching his patterns closely,
we would have never known that he had other problems besides the diabetes.
Couldn't have a dog with a "simple" case of diabetes, that wouldn't
do....have to have one with food allergies and hypothyroidism! Poor vets
only get 15 minutes of classroom time on the whole endocrine system....been
a tough road this past year.....educating the vet....good thing she's a good
sport about it. They are taught to watch numbers only and if 80% of the
values are under 300....this is just ducky. >:(
They don't even take into consideration the renal threshold for dogs is


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Margo, why don't you check the dog's BG?   The meter should work
reasonably accurately with dog blood, I suspect.

<<<<<<Ryan, how much of a rise do you ever see with a really high-protein
I'm not talking high-fat, just high protein. The reason I am asking is
for.......the dog.....:) There's not a whole lot of research re diabetes in
the veterinary community. He can't tolerate any commercial dog foods so my
vet and I have come up with feeding him chicken, green beans, and a little
mixed vegetables. Dogs, by the way, are pretty much like humans when it
comes to this disease
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