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[IP] High BGL during exercise

My son, age 13, not on a pump yet, takes Humalog and Lantus.  His numbers 
 have been all over the place. He plays football and works out for 2 hours a
 His usual readings are 250+ an hour before practice.  He takes H to cover 
his high BGL but his numbers are skyrocketing during his practice.  He usually 
tests 1 hour into practice.  We were just at the DR.  We will increase his 
Lantus by 5 units tonight. The Dr. is a bit baffled by the high numbers during 
 practice. He thinks it could due to adrenaline. I'm looking for info. from any
seasoned athletes who work out for long periods of time that may help.  
Lynn S.
Diabetic for 34 years and pumping for 8 months AND mom to Jesse, age 13, 
diabetic for 8 years and looking forward to a pump!
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